I completely stole this image. Also I couldn’t find one with Hurt, Capaldi and Whittaker in it.

A Love Letter to Dr Who

In 1990 my parents threw me a Dr. Who themed party for my 9th Birthday. Though I don’t think I knew it, it was a year after the original run of Dr Who ended, apparently forever. I dressed as a tiny little Sylvester McCoy, still my favourite doctor. My best friend came as Davros. Another raided his dad’s wardrobe and turned up as the Brigadier. The dog was wrestled into a green t-shirt. Other friends and family were allocated characters from the variety of encyclopaedic reference books I’d ammassed over several birthdays and Christmases.

I love the shirt so much.

PhD in Modern History and government functionary. One-time historian of peace and protest, now researching and writing about work.

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